Price List

When a photograph is purchased, the watermark "MendelsonPhotos" will be removed. There are three options for purchasing photos:
1. Photograph Only.
  • The photograph is unmatted and unframed. The standard size for all photographic paper is 11x14 inches. In most cases the photograph is the same size as the paper. In some cases, the photograph is smaller in one direction than the paper, and will have a border in that direction. These two cases are shown below. 
Full 11x14 photo
10x14 photo on 11x14 paper
  • The recommended photo finish is glossy.
  • The price for a photograph only is $50 + shipping.
 2. Matted Photographs
  • The photograph is mounted on a 1/8 inch thick  foam-core back board, and a custom cut mat is placed over the photograph and attached to the back board. 
  • The outside dimensions of the matted photograph are 16x20 inches.
  • The color of the mat is white.
  • The mat will be signed and dated.
  • The price for a matted photograph is $100 + shipping.
 An example is shown below
 3. Matted and Framed Photographs
  • The matted photograph is inserted in a metal frame, protected by a glass front panel. A hanging wire is attached to the back, and scuff pads are affixed to protect the wall
  • The outside dimensions of the framed photo are 16x20 inches.
  • The color of the frame is matte black.
  • The price of a matted and framed photograph is $150 + shipping.
An example is shown below