Upcoming Photo Excursions
At the end of February, 2009, we plan to spend one week on a photographic excursion to Marble Canyon, eastern-most part of the Grand canyon. This environment should provide some unusual photographic opportunities due to the clarity and quality of low-angle winter lighting combined with the spectacular landscapes of the Colorado plateau. Look for additions to the Grand Canyon portfolio in the springtime.
At the end of June, 2009, we will spend one week at the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. While not explicity a photo expedition, there will undoubtedly be many photo opportunities while there. Look for additions to the Mexico portfolio in the summertime.
Recent Exhibits
During 2008, Images of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Arizona were exhibited  at the following locations:
  • Congregation Gates of Heaven, Schenectady (January-February).
  • Congregation Agudat Achim, Schenectady (May-June).
  • Niskayuna Public Library, Schenectady (July).