Dick Mendelson



Dick is a retired nuclear engineer with a lifelong interest in photography, dating back at least 55 years when he first learned to take pictures with his father’s Argus C3 camera. In his pictures, he strives to capture a striking impression that also records the real event. This photographic interest, combined with his enthusiasm for traveling to colorful destinations around the world, has led to this collection of about 150 images from places far and near, including his own back yard in Schenectady, New York.


In 2005, he switched from film to digital photography, and all of the images presented here were obtained by that method. Many more pre-2005 pictures from different locations are awaiting conversion to digital and will be included on this web site when completed, so keep checking for recent additions. All photographs were taken with various single lens reflex cameras and 2-3 different lenses. Aside from darkening the sky with a polarizing filter, and adjusting cropping and color balance in the editing program, no special effects were used.


Dick enjoys photography as a way to express the artistic side of his personality. With photography, art is created through selection of subject matter and by arranging the composition in an appealing way.  A certain amount of technique is necessary, such as obtaining the correct exposure, focus, and depth of field. The advantage of photography is that beauty can be found by capturing a moment in time, or by experiencing a scene from a unique point of view. If the viewer is captivated in some way by the image, the photograph can be deemed a success.


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